Rebuild Services

Dairy Engineering can rebuild equipment you already own, either on-site or via shipment to our facility. You can take advantage of the experience we have gained with refurbished equipment over the years and have us rebuild your process equipment using the same care and skill we put into equipment from our stock. If your equipment requires parts that are hard to find, that stock of equipment often allows us to provide parts at more reasonable prices. Our shop managers can quote many jobs simply based on past experience.

While we have experience with a wide variety of sanitary process equipment, below are a few of our specialties:


For over 30 years, we have performed repairs and service on sanitary food grade tanks of all types and capacities. Most of that work is most easily performed in our shop, but we frequently perform field service throughout the mountain states region. As an essential part of that service, we have the equipment and skill to properly perform confined space entry for vessels of all sizes.

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Sanitary pumps have always been a specialty of ours. There are many different food industry pumping technologies available and we’ve worked with nearly all of them over the years. From simple pump seal changes to complete rebuilds to factory tolerances, we can perform the services you need.

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Sanitary air valves are an essential part of any food processing system. Most facilities have a variety of valves of different manufacturers and eras and we can help support most of them.

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Heat Exchangers

We can perform work on heat exchangers of many types & styles, but plate heat exchangers tend to be most common. From simple Clean, Test, and Re-gasket (CTR) services to complete restreams, we can assist in a variety of ways.

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Dairy Engineering has a 5-man team dedicated to the repair & rebuild of APV Gaulin Homogenizers. We can expertly rebuild your machine in our shop or perform field service at your facility. We have some of the strongest homogenizer experience in the industry – both mechanical and process related.

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